When a Water Damage Disaster Strikes

Frozen Pipes

When a pipe bursts in your home, you need to act fast. Here’s what to do when a frozen pipe burst and floods your home.

Leaking Water Causes Damage

A broken or leaking water supply line can cause serious damage if it isn’t fixed quickly. If the leak is inside your house, it could lead to mold growth and structural damage that will cost thousands of dollars to repair. And if the water freezes while it’s sitting on an exterior surface, like wood siding or shingles, you may end up with permanent stains that are impossible to remove without replacing those materials first. So don’t wait – call us today!

Burst Pipe

Emergency Service

We know how stressful this situation can be for homeowners who find themselves suddenly faced with extensive repairs due to flooding from frozen pipes bursting in their homes. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency service so you’ll never have worry about getting help when you need it most – even nights and weekends! Our team of experts has years of experience handling all types of emergencies caused by burst pipes including water damage restoration services as well as fire & smoke damage removal services too! We’re here for you every step of the way until things are back under control again at your home or business location after a disaster strikes so please contact us right away for immediate assistance at (512) 410-5349 anytime day or night! You can also visit our website now www…..com where there is more information.

We Come Ready to Work

When our technicians arrive, they will assess what caused the flooding and determine how much damage has been done to your property before beginning repairs immediately. Once everything is dried up and cleaned up, we’ll work with you to restore any items that were damaged by water such as furniture, carpeting, drywall etc., back to their original condition so that you can continue living comfortably in your home without worrying about mold growth or further damage from humidity levels being too high for too long after restoration is complete! Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction which means getting things back to normal for our customers as quickly as possible!

Benefits of Steel Roofing

Considering a New Roof?

Because the roof is such a vital part of your home, it is important you select the best roof possible. Your roof needs to be reliable and robust as well as reasonably priced. Steel roofing is one roofing material that will give you a top-quality roof that will last for years. Experts say that steel roofing could last longer than many other types of roofing available today. It is durable, lightweight, and very reliable. On top of that, steel is a sustainable material and is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. Because of its many advantages, steel roofing has about 80% in the roofing market in the USA. Because of all these positives, steel is becoming a favorite material for commercial roofing in Houston.

Steel is the Longterm Economic ChoiceSteel Roofing

Using lightweight steel allows you to save money on structural support upgrades for your roof. Many builders prefer to use steel because it is so economical and efficient. If you are using metal roofing for your home, you may want to use pre-painted steel roofing. This type of roofing is coated at the factory to protect it from weather damage. Make sure you buy pre-painted steel roofing from a highly regarded company, as you can be sure that the product has passed through strict quality-control tests. Coated steel roofing must reach a certain level of quality before it can be sold in the market. Steel roofing materials come with a warranty, and if the quality of the roofing doesn’t match the manufacturer’s claims, you can have it replaced within the warranty period. Most people, however, never encounter any problems with pre-painted steel roofing. This material can last for decades; with regular maintenance, a steel roof can last up to fifty years.

Environment-Friendly Steel Roofing

Because 25% of the steel used in roofs all over the country is recycled steel, these roofs are perfect for the environment. Many companies have environmental policies in place to reduce their impact on the planet. For example, they buy recycled materials from material recovery facilities all over the world. In the last several years, the enormous demand for steel roofing has meant that around half the steel used in the US is recycled. Steel no longer goes straight to the landfill; it is recycled into new roofs. If you choose to install steel roofing in your home, not only will you get an excellent roof, but you will also be helping the environment.